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Meet Dr. Gladney, a Ph.D. in Instructional Psychology and Technology, specializing in human behavior and the brain’s role in behavioral change for more than two decades. With extensive research and expertise, she offers programs and strategies for success. She’s a global speaker, author, coach, and TV/podcast host, inspiring emotional health and the power of the mind to drive change. Dr. Gladney has authored six books, co-authored four, and appeared on national TV and radio shows, reaching over 35 million people. Featured in magazines like Ebony, Redbook, and In Touch, she shares her message of success and emotional well-being.

Podcasts Hosted by Dr. Lawana S. Gladney

Candid conversations about all the aspects of dating when you are over 40. Dr. G shares her expertise, insights, strategies, stories, interviews, humor, and research on the single life while helping you to understand how men and women think. The goal is to help you stay sane in the crazy world of dating and enjoy the process along the way.

In this podcast, Dr. Gladney helps you to understand the psychology of success and how to achieve what you want in life. It is a podcast that discusses all the areas of your life, family, parenting, relationships, business, careers, grief, emotional wellness, spirituality, confidence, finances, divorce, mental health and more.   The show will bring life-changing content with tips and strategies for making the shifts in your life to create the success you desire.   

Welcome to Power Moves for Success with Dr. Gladney! This is the show that discusses how to make the right moves that will lead you to success in life. Dr. Gladney interviews celebrities and successful people that have made decisions in their life that created their success. 

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