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Emotional Wellness success coaching program was designed and developed by Dr. Lawana S. Gladney. Her PhD is in Instructional Psychology and Technology. This degree is not only focused on human behavior, but how the brain processes information that will lead to behavior change. The technical part of the degree focused on the writing and creation of information that the brain can easily process, thereby leading to behavioral change. Having that expertise and background coupled with years of research in motivation, Dr. Gladney, developed a coaching program that when applied, is guaranteed to change perspectives, attitudes, and behavior of the client.


The emotional wellness coaching program is unlike any other program. It is designed to help individuals discover; themselves, behaviors, attitudes, likes and dislikes. It also helps them to heal from hurts in the past, manage emotions and stress, and manage their personal and professional life. They are guided to time management, goal setting, peace, and good health.

Perspectives and behavioral changes happen on a weekly basis because of the assignments and activities that they are required to complete. All assignments and activities were created to invoke introspective thinking and discovery that leads to behavior change. It is through this process that clients grow and change.


The program is administered with a minimum of eight sessions. Rationale- it takes at least thirty days to create new habits. The average number of sessions per client is eight. The one hour weekly phone sessions are scheduled after work during a time when the client has privacy. This is important so that there are no distractions and the focus is on them.

Measurement of Growth

The clients are evaluated on intake of the program with a completion of the Gladney Profile Assessment (GPA). The profile is a series of questions and evaluation on a life satisfactions scale. Upon the completion of the sessions, the client is administered an evaluation of themselves and the sessions to measure growth and change.

Client Praise

  • I wanted to let you know how awesome you are and what a change you have made in my life! I am so much happier in my current job, my marriage is on the right track, money is starting to flow into our lives, we are working on baby # 2, and I am feeling SO optimistic about my future! I have also regained my confidence. I have had to stand up to the owner of this company many times when he has changed something that he has told me, and I have not been afraid. I am also not concerned about losing another job. I have made great connections and if something does happen here, the next best thing will come along.

    Thank you again! You are amazing!!!!

    Amanda Young
    Hospitality Professional
  • I am a different person since Dr. G. has come into my life and coached me in several different areas to include family life, my career, financially, personal & spiritual growth, and relationships. Learning to look clearly into my deep heart’s desire of what I want to do and become, was accomplished in our sessions.

    I had to remove the excuses and do what I am supposed to do to achieve what I want. I had some idea of my desires, hopes, and dreams, but Dr. G. helped me to look deeper so that I could bring my life’s “blur” into focus. With Dr. G.’s help, I am living my life in my purpose to a much greater degree than ever before.

    Joyce Rollins
    Retired Psychiatric Social Worker/ Ordained Minister
  • Your sessions have changed my life. The energy that I put out definitely has changed and people seem to be more drawn to me. I feel better, more accomplished, proud of myself, and I’m paying more attention to what I hear and see. My new friend is fine. We talk pretty much daily. So far, things feel good with him but I have my antennas up. Thank you!

    Ndidi Nwankpa
    ER Nurse
  • My life will never be the same after taking these powerful coaching sessions from Dr. Gladney. When I initially started, I had no idea how much my life would be changed for the better. Dr. Gladney taught me how to challenge myself each day and how to accomplish the goals I set for my life.

    I highly recommend these coaching sessions. Dr. Gladney is a phenomenal emotional wellness coach and her teaching style will truly help you achieve any goal(s) you set for yourself.

    Rachel Young
    IT Manager for Department of Treasury
  • Words truly cannot explain Dr. G's gift of words and counseling. As long as you are truly honest with yourself and are open to start living an amazing life, you will be empowered. Through prayer and my coaching sessions with Dr. G I was able to free myself mentally from my past and now leaping into my future.

    Dr. Trecia Arthurton
  • Dr. G is truly a blessing sent by God to help those who needs emotional wellness. She has helped me see things in a better light. Dr. G has helped me to work through my issues to enable me to be a better person to have an effect on the lives of others. Thank you Dr.G. God Bless.

    Connie McDonald
    Quality Assurance Specialist
  • I have learned what it means to love myself for the first time. I have learned to be thankful for those folks that caused me so much pain as a young child. I also learned how all things are connected in this life journey. I experienced racial tension in my family and then graduated from college only to continue that same tension in a different manner as a lone black female engineer in a male dominated field.

    As I walked through these sessions, I find myself now able to smile more and I actually feel the tension moving away. I have learned to talked to myself to encourage myself in this daily walk. God sends people into your life when he knows the timing is right. I know the timing was right for me because I was ready to dig down into what the problems were and what can I do to overcome some issues.

    The homework assignments helped me to understand not to stress over things that I can’t control and do not allow others to upset me. Finally, I know my God given purpose on this earth.

    Jackie Anderson
    Retired Civil Engineer from Department of Transportation
  • Dr G is the best! I, now, have so much insight into my truest self, which is leading me to my best self. I have learned so much about human behavior, and how our (routine) everyday actions can affect all facets of our lives. Our sessions have contributed to life-changing spiritual, personal and entrepreneurial growth, and I am ready for the rest of my life – the best of my life!!

    Karman Murdock
  • My sessions with Dr. G. helped me to identify my purpose and passion and push through the patterns of procrastination and fear which limited my personal growth. Because of these sessions, I am better able to manage my time and I have finally begun working on a novel that I put off for years! Dr. G is sincere about helping others be successful in their business and their personal lives.

    Sheryl Grace
    Mental Health Technician
  • I am glad that I took the opportunity to work with Dr. Gladney. I was at a place in my life that brought on confusion, unhappiness and sometimes depression. I didn’t really understand how I got there or how to get out. I wanted a happy home life and thriving business, but didn’t know what I had to do to get what I desired. Dr. Gladney was able to provide understanding to the situations in my life to move me forward. She didn’t cut corners or sugar coat anything, which I may have not liked, but appreciated. Dr. Gladney provided tools to assist me in my daily life and business. She held me accountable for using the tools effectively. I communicate more with my family, partners and clients. I take time for myself, which is so important in order to be able to give to others. I don’t get overwhelmed when situations arise. I have a peace and excitement in my life, which I didn’t have before. I have value in my life, that’s beyond wife and mother. I have an appreciation of my life experience, so that I can bless and help others. Thank You so much Dr. Gladney for taking time with me and sharing your life and talents! You are truly gifted in emotional wellness!
    Cassandra Stewart
    Network Engineer / Platinum Executive Director
  • Wow, what can I say? Thank you! You helped me out during a difficult time in my life and I appreciate you offering your professional services. You do not know what that meant to me! The assignments helped me to take a more introspective look at the positive things as well as work through those things that needed some adjusting. Thanks helping me get my life back.

    Anita Parker
    School Teacher
  • Dr Gladney has been extremely effective in my life. I learned that there are things that I have been keeping private in my life. I have negatively been keeping people outside of my life. Dr G pointed it out and then began to teach me to write about myself. I have truly seen more of myself through my walk with her. Thanks again and Be Blessed.

    Christy LeShaw
    Registered Nurse